Disposable Foam Black Flip Flops

Black disposable flip flops, one-size-fits-all. **HUGE REDUCTIONS NOW AVAILABLE**


These strong and durable flip flops are ideal for use after spray tans and pedicures. They’ll protect your client’s feet from skin infections and provide hygiene and protection whilst walking around before, during and after treatments.



Great value discounted bulk prices from just .31p per pair plus Vat (were .37p each!)

GREAT VALUE disposable Flip Flops -Great discounts available for bulk purchases

                Box of 120 pairs    .35p each    £42.00    save £7.20 (were .41p each)

                Box of 240 pair      .33p each    £79.20    save £14.40 (were .39p each)
                Box of 360 pairs    .31p each    £111.60  save £21.60 (were .37p each)

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