Play Centre Disposable Socks

Want to keep your play equipment clean and increase your profits and cash flow too?

Why not sell disposable Play Centre socks to your customers?

The Play Centre Socks provided by Blue Box Socks are designed to fit all ages, male and female from infant to adult. The socks do not have a defined heel and are tube-like in shape. The socks can be worn by children as young as 2-3 yrs old, just simply roll the socks down to the required height and the elasticated top keeps them in place. They are ideal for children's play areas, bouncy castles, bowling centres, ice rinks etc.... Simply anywhere you may need to take your shoes off or wear rented footwear. 


Don't turn your customers away if they've forgotten their socks, why not sell them disposable socks and gain an extra revenue stream for your business too! By insisting that all your customers wear socks, your equipment will be cleaner and your cleaning time will be reduced, therefore reducing your wage bill as well.



(made from corn starch)

Price per pair of socks

Only .44p plus VAT


200 pairs per box

Quantity :

Our socks are individually packaged and are sold in quantities of 200's. 

They are made from 30% polyester, 
65 % polypropylene and 5% elastic.

Ordering Large Quantities Of Play Centre Socks?

**Ordering 1000 pairs or more? ** Look at our special offer...............

Order larger quantities to save £s

Order in quantities of 1000 and the sock prices are reduced to even lower prices.

Just .41p per pair plus VAT. 

Save £30 per 1000 socks!
Quantity :

Customer Reviews

amazing! arrived earlier than expected. 
Try-On Socks 4 plus 1 FREE (144 per box)

very easy, fast delivery. Thankyou. 
Try-On Socks 4 plus 1 FREE (144 per box)

Excellent, delivered at 9am the following day, all payments went through

and I found this a very good service. Will be placing another order shortly. 

Disposable Open Toe Slippers (Quantit...
Very good service, quick delivery recommended. 
Try-on socks - purchase of 300 boxes

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