Trampoline Non-Slip Gripper Socks

Blue Box Socks has now introduced a completely new gripper sock which is a Double Tread

one-size-fits-all Trampoline Sock. Using our new brand 'EXTRA GRIP', our non-slip/non-skid gripper socks are designed for fantastic Trampoline Entertainment.

From Just £1.02p per Pair!

Our 'EXTRA GRIP' socks provide a grip surface on both the top and bottom of the sock that ensures that even if the sock twists around the foot on the Trampoline, there is always a grip surface available to reduce the risk of accidents. Our 'EXTRA GRIP' socks have a comfortable interior made from terrycloth which can absorb perspiration.

One size Fits All Double Tread Trampoline Sock - Non-Slip/Non-Skid

The 'EXTRA GRIP' socks have also been designed to be ‘one-size-fits-all’ and are tubular in style, to fit the majority of adult (and older child sizes). As the socks have no defined heel, the ‘grip surface’ is longer along the bottom of the sock to ensure tread is available for both the average foot and for the larger foot as well.

To appeal to both men/boys and women/girls our 'EXTRA GRIP' socks have been produced in a single ‘light blue’ unisex colour and as the Trampoline socks are a 'one-size-fits-all' product every pair purchased, can be used by every customer. When purchasing our 'EXTRA GRIP' socks, every pair will be used, minimal stock is required and there is no waste. When storage space is sometimes limited and if you’re on a tight budget, this could be important to you.



From Just £1.02 per pair

Our 'EXTRA GRIP' Non Skid/Non Slip Gripper Socks have been priced to be sold in bulk to Trampoline Operators we also welcome orders from other leisure facilities.

Please order below:


25 pairs   –      priced at just £1.60 per pair plus Vat

50 pairs   –      priced at just £1.35 per pair plus Vat

100 pairs –      priced at just £1.15 per pair plus Vat

500 pairs -      priced at just £1.07 per pair plus Vat

1000 pairs -    priced at just an amazing £1.02 per pair plus Vat


All socks are sold in pairs and Packaged in Biodegradable/Compostable Bags

Quantity :

Key Features of our 'EXTRA GRIP'  Non-slip/Non-skid Gripper socks:


  • Bulk Purchase = Fantastic Low Prices
  • One-Size-Fits-all – Unisex Colour
  • Double Tread above and below the foot, provides extra safety even when the sock twists on the foot
  • Extra long grip on the bottom of the sock to fit adult and older child sizes – Extra safety
  • Absorbs perspiration and Provides user Comfort
  • Packaged in Biodegradable/Compostable Bags