Spray Tan Foam Sticky Feet - Pink (Foot Protectors)

Pink Adhesive Feet Pads for use in the spray tanning industry

are an alternative to our Black Foam Sticky Feet

Our Pink ‘sticky feet’ do exactly what their name says. They stick to your clients feet to prevent excessive spray tan being absorbed into the soles of the feet and they help to protect against foot infections from other customers by keeping your feet off the flooring. 


Our Pink Sticky Feet are available at an amazing price, from our new discounted price of

just .29p per pair. Just have a look at our bulk purchase savings below:



From just .39p per pair plus Vat - *NOW 10P OFF PER PAIR*

Box of 100 pairs     .47p per pair   NOW JUST .37P
Box of 200 pairs     .45p per pair   NOW JUST .35P
Box of 300 pairs     .43p per pair   NOW JUST .33P
Box of 400 pairs     .41p per pair   NOW JUST .41P

Box of 500 pairs     .39p per pair   NOW JUST .29P

Quantity :

Pink Foam Sticky Feet Product Description:


Foam Sticky Feet have been designed specifically for spray tan companies. They are hygienic, low cost foot protectors. The need to use paper towels, cloth towels and other items which create an unprofessional image for your salon is removed.


Preferred by clients because they are easy to use, hygienic and remove the risk of your clients receiving blackened soles by excess overspray


Our Foam Sticky Feet are a ‘one-size-fits-all’ product but can be cut to size if needed


Our Pink Foam sticky feet are very comfortable to wear, just peel off the protective covering and the foam feet simply stick to the bottom of the client’s feet. They’re easy to walk in and also prevent the client from slipping on wet floors or on excess spray tan solution. They are more comfortable and superior in quality than any cheaper paper or card types.


Each Pair Of Pink Foam Sticky Feet are individually wrapped ensuring that you keep a sanitised and hygienic first class client service


Our Pink Foam Sticky Feet are designed for one time use. When the sticky feet are no longer required, simply peel the foam feet away and throw away.