Our Deluxe Disposable overshoes offer exceptional quality at an amazingly low price. The cheapest in the UK!

Now Made From Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic


These are our own brand overshoes which we had made especially for us. We couldn’t find a good enough overshoe at an affordable price, so we made our own.

They have a sturdy non-woven PP (Polypropylene) upper with the ankle elasticated to hold the overshoes in place. The lower part of the overshoe is an embossed (dimpled) non-slip latex PE sole (Compressed polyethylene), which offers grip, durability and comfort.

Our own 'Blue Box GB' brand of Biodegradable Deluxe shoe covers are made to a higher specification and offer an alternative to our Premium Biodegradable CPE overshoes and are suitable for more sensitive areas such as laboratories or for visitors to hygienic manufacturing and processing areas.

These overshoes weigh an amazing 9g as opposed to the economy overshoes which are sold by most companies that weigh just 2g. The heavier the overshoe the better the quality.

Amazing Prices! The More You Order, the Cheaper the Price!

Only £84.95 plus vat for a box of 500 Deluxe Overshoes 


That's Less than 17p per overshoe!


Only £134.95 plus vat for a box of 1000 Deluxe Overshoes 


That's Less than an Amazing 14p per overshoe!

Quantity :


Our Deluxe Disposable Overshoes (Shoe Covers) are available in white with blue soles, and one size fits all.

Great Quality Strong Disposable Overshoes



     Size: 16 x 41cm - One-size-fits-all


    Polypropylene upper


Compressed polyethylene sole


Ankle with Elasticated opening


Colour: Blue and White


Brand: Blue Box GB



What is Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic?

When Ordering Your Deluxe Overshoes From Blue Box Socks, every part of your order is Biodegradable:


Deluxe Overshoes - Biodegradable

Plastic packaging -  Biodegradable

Outer Carton -        Biodegradable

Do You Require A Dispenser For Your Overshoes?