Overshoes Dispenser

Great quality Overshoes/Shoe Cover Dispenser. Holds a large quantity of overshoes/shoe covers for users to access shoe coverings easily and hygienically.




Manufactured in an Easy to Clean, Strong PVC with a clear PVC front panel. Please note: This product is NOT an antimicrobial product.


This Overshoes Dispenser can be Wall Mounted or Free Standing.


Designed for Overshoes/Shoe Covers, this dispenser can also hold a variety of items including; Ear Plugs; Beard snoods; Hair Nets; Mob caps; Loose gloves; Shoe covers; Sleeve covers, etc.


There is a Hinged lid for easy loading.


Overshoes/Shoe Covers are dispensed via a 260(W) x 75(D) mm  (approx) aperture at the bottom front.


                                    The Dispenser is Supplied complete with a wall fixing kit.


Only £59.95 per Dispenser


Quantity :

Our Overshoe/Shoe Cover Dispenser is supplied with a protective 'blue' plastic film. This can be left on to protect the dispenser or can be peeled off to give the dispenser a clean white appearance.



Please note: Dispenser is shown complete with consumables this is for display purposes only & is NOT INCLUDED.