Open Toe Non-Woven Disposable Spa Slippers


From Just .29p per Pair 
Our own brand disposable non-woven spa slippers, designed for short term use, are a great favourite with Beauty Salons and Spas in the UK. With an EVA sole they are great quality but we offer them at the CHEAPEST PRICE AVAILABLE IN THE UK. 



Quantity of 50 pairs       .42p each     £  21.00
Quantity of 100 pairs     .40p each     £  40.00
Quantity of 500 pairs     .36p each     £180.00
Quantity of 1000 pairs   .34p each     £340.00

Quantity of 2000 pairs   .29p each     £580.00

Quantity :
Material: Non-Woven
Outer Sole - Eva 2.5mm (base of slipper) 
Type: Non-Woven disposable open toe slipper
Brand: Blue Box GB

Colour: White 
Size: One-size-fits-all 
(27.5 cm length, 10.5 cm width)
We would not recommend this type of slipper for guest rooms but being designed for Single use, they are still ideal For: Fish Spa Slippers, Spa Slippers, Airline Slippers, Health Club Slippers, Health Farm Slippers, Hospital Slippers, Disposable Slippers, Single Use Slippers

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