Open Toe Towelling Slippers

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Our own brand towelling slippers are made from a luxurious 200gsm Towelling
Material: Upper Part - Outer in Cotton towelling
Inner Sole - Padded Cotton Towelling
Outer Sole - Eva 5mm (base of slipper) 
Type: Comfort Superior Open Toe.
Brand: Blue Box GB

Colour: White 
Size: One-size-fits-all 
(28 cm length, 11 cm width)

These slippers have PASSED the European standard BS EN ISO 13287:2012 Personal Protective Equipment Footwear Test method for slip resistance.*

Test Condition

European Standard Requirement

Blue Box GB - Outer Sole - 5mm (Base of Slipper) Slippers Result


Forward heel slip, ceramic tile floor

Not less than 0.28



with sodium lauryl sulphate solution

Forward flat slip, ceramic tile floor

Not less than 0.32



with sodium lauryl sulphate solution



Quantity of 50 pairs       .68p each    £34.00
Quantity of 100 pairs     .63p each    £63.00
Quantity of 500 pairs     .58p each    £290.00

Quantity of 1000 pairs   .53p each    £530.00


Quantity :

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Ideal For: Hotel Slippers, Guest Slippers, Spa Slippers, Airline Slippers, Health Club Slippers, Health Farm Slippers, Hospital Slippers, Disposable Slippers, Single Use Slippers, Wedding Guest Slippers

The method for measurement of the slip resistance of shoes is described in EN 13287. The item of footwear to be tested is placed on a ceramic tile or steel floor, subjected to a given normal force, and moved horizontally relative to the surface.

Glycerine or sodium lauryl sulphate solution acts as contaminant on the surface. The frictional force is measured and the dynamic coefficient of friction is calculated. Depending on the test conditions, the friction coefficients must fulfil certain requirements given in EN 20345