Standard Open Toe Slippers

These are our own brand ‘low cost’ Open Toe slippers, which are made from a Nap cloth which provides the look and feel of towelling but without the higher price.


These Open Toe Nap slippers have been produced with a slightly thinner sole than the towelling slippers to keep the price low and are aimed at small hotel and bed and breakfasts but will also appeal to spa and beauty salons as well as to larger establishments wanting to cut costs.


These Standard Open Toe slippers are more comfortable to wear than our pure non-woven slippers but have a slightly less luxurious feel to them than our towelling and thong slippers.

Material: Upper Part - Outer in Nap Cloth

Inner Sole - Non-Woven

Outer Sole - Eva 3.5mm (base of slipper)

Type: Standard Comfortable Closed Toe

Brand: Blue Box GB


Colour: White

Size: One-Size-Fits-All

(28cm length, 11 cm width)



Quantity of 50 pairs       .60p each    £30.00
Quantity of 100 pairs     .55p each    £55.00
Quantity of 500 pairs     .50p each    £250.00

Quantity of 1000 pairs   .45p each    £450.00

Quantity :

Ideal For: Spa Slippers, Hospital Slippers, Guest Slippers, Bed & Breakfast Slippers, Health Farm Slippers, Airline Slippers, Disposable Slippers, Single Use Sippers, Wedding Guest Slippers

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